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This page explains how you can prepare and upload an Excel file of SkillsUSA members. There are now TWO options for working with this Excel upload concept.

This feature is intended for schools that need to upload 50 or more members at once.
If you have less than 50 members, its much simpler and faster to just type each member's details into this web site.

The Excel file format, layout and column names are critical!
Watch the training video and follow the instructions carefully.
ALL desired Training Programs must be created online BEFORE exporting either Excel Template!


Step 1: Generate an Excel Template

Choose one of the following options to export an Excel template

A) Simple Option

B) Full Featured Option

This is the simplest way to upload STUDENT Names to the site, as all you need are the student's first and last names. Here are the limitations:
  • This ONLY uploads STUDENTS (no Professionals)
  • All Students are uploaded into the Division (Secondary vs Postsecondary) matching the School
  • You can ONLY provide first and last names (no address, phone, date of birth, etc.)
This offers more robust options for uploading Students and Professionals and allows various options, but is more complex to complete the Excel template.
Here are the additional features of this option:
  • You can upload Students AND Professionals using a code to indicate which is which
  • You can upload members into either Division, again using a code to indicate which division each member is in
  • You can include home addresses, graduation year, phone and email for students
Use the SIMPLE option Use the FULL Template option 

Step 2: Upload your completed Excel Member file

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